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Vote for Grella for MLS Goal of Week 33

Vote Grella!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Seven seconds. Mike Grella scored a goal for the New York Red Bulls in seven seconds. Philadelphia Union kicked off. Michael Lahoud blinked and missed the pass back. Grella swooped, dribbled, scored. 1-0 to RBNY in seven seconds. The fastest goal in MLS history.

And now you can vote for it because it is nominated for MLS's Goal of the Week. Vote Grella!

Say what? Yes, that was a very good goal Sebastian Giovinco scored. What's that you say? Goal of the Year? Maybe. Worry about that when it is time to vote for Goal of the Year. Right now, Giovinco's goal is the one that secured three points for Toronto FC at RBNY's expense. It was the crowning humiliation of a pretty rotten road trip.

Grella's goal, however, was the jubilant resurrection of the Red Bulls' title-chasing dreams. And it only took seven seconds. Vote for joyVote for hopeVote for gloryVote for Grella.