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Report: New York Red Bulls looking for new stadium sponsor

Could this be the end of "Red Bull Arena"?

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Business Daily is reporting that the New York Red Bulls are looking into a 10 year sponsorship deal for Red Bull Arena.

The MLS club is seeking at least a 10-year deal that would be valued in the seven figures per year, according to the sources.

This is a big deal for the team. Stadium naming rights have become a big ticket item recently, and not having money come in from such a situation is basically losing out.

So now the question is how long until the rights are sold? According to the report, the team is still evaluating agencies to facilitate the sale of the rights, so it probably won't be for some time.

The other question of course is, who will buy the rights? One has to assume other energy drinks are out. "Monster Field at Red Bull Arena" anyone? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and how the money coming in will improve the team.

How would you feel about Red Bull Arena being renamed? What company would be a good fit? Let us know in the comments.