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Let's Play FIFA: World Cup Edition

Battle of the free kicks today, as Anthony and Uruguay take on Bobby and Columbia.

Sadly, we can not play as NASL teams and therefore: not play tonight's New York Red Bulls vs. Atlanta Silverbacks U.S. Open Cup game. However, this presented an opportunity for Bobby and Terms to play something other than FIFA 15 on Xbox One, as they turned on the 360 and put in FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa - one of the best FIFA's ever made. Though the teams and gameplay were irrelevant to today's match for New York, talks of the U.S. Open Cup as well as other various topics such as E3 arise in today's showing of Let's Play FIFA. So sit back, bask in the fact that the Red Bulls have just won the fourth round of the U.S. Open Cup, and watch as Bobby and Anthony ramble for the next 20 minutes.

What games would you like to see these guys play? FIFA Street, PES, Super Mario Strikers!? Let us know in the comments below!