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Vote for Bradley Wright-Phillips for MLS Goal of Week 26

Vote! Please and thank you.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Do you need a reason to vote for Bradley Wright-Phillips? No? Great. He's up for MLS Goal of the Week - vote here!

On the fence? Well, consider how well-executed it was: Mike Grella follows a bouncing ball into D.C. United's penalty area, and checks his stride so he can hit it first time, on the turn, across the face of goal. Think about that: Grella doesn't control the ball, doesn't do anything to deter him from getting the ball in front of goal as quickly as possible. As the ball bounces in front of him, he takes a look over his shoulder to check positioning of opponents and teammates, and then he's carefully measuring his steps so that he can make that first-time cross. He knows exactly what he's doing with that ball once he's had a quick look to see where everyone else is relative to himself.

And so does Bradley Wright-Phillips. When the pass is lofted toward the 18-yard box, BWP is positioned to Grella's right. As Grella cuts right to chase the ball, BWP makes a run inside, to provide the target for the cross. He lets his marker get ahead of him - so far ahead he can cut inside to meet the cross almost before the bemused defender realizes he's no longer effectively marking anyone. And his volley to the net is struck hard and true.

That's your goal of the week. Vote for it.