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Report:Trialist Junior Flemmings still in training, may be out of luck

If RBNY wants to sign Flemmings this year, it may need to make a trade.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Young Jamaican Junior Flemmings has been doing pretty well on trial with the New York Red Bulls. At least, that is the impression given by the fact that he is now heading into his third week with the team (his presence in training was first announced on August 19). A few days ago, we heard he was a "serious candidate to be signed."

And the latest report from's Kristian Dyer find RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch still saying good things about the trialist:

He's an interesting young player; it's not a final product yet but he's got some ability.

Sounds promising. Prospects don't become the finished article in a couple of weeks. Sounds like the Red Bulls might think they have someone worth hanging on to for a while longer. Indeed, it is reported he will be staying a while longer: through the end of the week, at least.

And then maybe they'll sign him? Not. So. Fast. Dyer reports both the MLS and USL rosters do not have space for another international player at the moment. So they can't sign him right now.

Barring a trade (incidentally, the MLS roster freeze is September 15) of some sort to allow for an international player to be signed, Flemmings may be out of luck with RBNY - or playing for a 2016 contract, at the very least.