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Report: Ralf Rangnick has no plans to add to Leipzig squad this winter

Food for thought after the recent revelation that Sean Davis is in Leipzig.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Following yesterday's report that Sean Davis is training with RB Leipzig's U-23 team (and might be accompanied by Tyler Adams) - and in the absence of any clarification from the New York Red Bulls (we asked; no reply) - it seems only fair to point out that there is evidence to suggest the trip is little more than a horizons-broadening exercise for the young midfielder.

Foremost, we should note that Ralf Rangnick - head coach of RB Leipzig and mastermind of the system currently directing Red Bull's global soccer operations - has stated very clearly that his first team squad is unlikely to change during the January transfer window. As he recently told

We will start with this team in the second half of the season and have no plans to bring in the winter break someone.

This would suggest Davis isn't auditioning for a place in Leipzig's first team. Not any time soon, anyway.

Of course, he appeared for the club's U-23 squad, and there is nothing to suggest Papa's Bundesliga-bound German outfit isn't always on the hunt for emerging talent. But the rumor mill has already started to churn out whispers suggesting Davis won't be lingering in Leipzig for long:

And, for what it's worth, the last time the player took to Twitter himself, it was to tell RBNY club captain Dax McCarty that he would be seeing him again shortly:

So this observer chooses to believe Davis will remain on the US side of the Red Bull soccer family for the time being. His current presence in Leipzig merely acting as a reminder that Papa is always watching.