Sean Davis could be heading to Europe and that makes me sad

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If you're an avid Once A Metro supporter - and you're reading this lowly fanpost, so chances are you are - you've probably seen the post about young midfielder Sean Davis playing with Leipzig's U-23 team. It's both encouraging and saddening news for New York Red Bulls supporters.

It signifies that Davis is undoubtedly talented and desired by a European club. We pretty much already knew he was good. All you had to do was watch his performance against Chelsea last season to see that. It's no coincidence that Leipzig is the team he's on trial with: there's nothing to be said about that, as it's just the belly of the ownership beast; inevitable #synergy is bound to occur.

On the other side of the table is what the Red Bulls could potentially be losing and why they could be losing it. A 22-year-old midfielder with enticing qualities is not something that the club can afford to just throw away. Especially considering the players in front of him keeping him on the bench. The main contributing factor to Davis' lack of first team minutes in 2015 was the addition of Sacha Kljestan.

The former U.S. international is a solid player, I'm just not sure he's much better at this current stage of his career than Davis is now. Obviously, last season was the youngster's first professional season so Kljestan was always going to play over him. However, what about the future? Sacha has at best one, maybe two, more prime years left in the tank - if the Red Bulls are lucky.

If RalfBall and synergy are the reason that Davis could be leaving then that makes me sad for MLS and for the Red Bulls. A player like Kljestan keeping a young, talented player like Davis from getting valuable first team minutes is hurting the league and hurting U.S. Soccer.

There's absolutely no reason Davis shouldn't be representing the U.S. U-23 team attempting to make the 2016 Olympics. Except that his lack of important playing time severely hindered his chances. The Red Bulls could have a future franchise player lying in the weeds waiting for his time to pounce, but we're stuck with an aging veteran player instead.

The bias toward veteran presence and leadership over development and talent is hurting MLS and U.S. Soccer in turn. For a federation that's committed so much money to its development processes, the final stage of that development cycle is spitting in their face and laughing. The mindset of coddling veterans because they bring some false sense of leadership or presence at the expense of young talent has to change or it's going to kill U.S. Soccer.

Younger players getting minutes will not hurt a team's chances of winning. FC Dallas in 2015 is a prime example and a beacon of hope for a mindset that needs to be universally adopted by the league. The Red Bulls have the ability to follow suit, now they just need to commit to it.

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