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Fiorentina Sporting Director on Mario Gomez transfer talk: "We will make no concessions to anyone."

If there is team from MLS out there hoping to snag Gomez on a free transfer, this is discouraging news.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

In an interview with Radio Bruno Toscanaas reported by Fiorentina NewsPantaleo Corvino - Fiorentina's Sporting Director - offered a few brief comments on under-contract forward Mario Gomez. Most succinctly and notably:

We will make no concessions to anyone

This is of interest in light of the rumor that there is a team from MLS hopefully circling the striker, offering the player a big salary (close to $9 million per year, it is said) but hoping not to have to pay a transfer fee.

Corvino's comments would suggest Fiorentina is not so desperate to offload Gomez (who has returned to form and the Germany national team this season) that the club will simply let him skip out of his contract and take whatever offer is most appealing.

We don't know if there really is a team in MLS hot for Gomez, but we do now know Fiorentina isn't in the mood to offer a bargain to any of the player's suitors.