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Preview: New York Red Bulls II rolls on to the Rhinos

As they look to cement their place as one of the best in the USL, the Rochester Rhinos remain one of the last obstacles standing between them and undeniable legitimacy.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
This afternoon when New York Red Bulls II take on the Rochester Rhinos they will look to do something they have not done before. Beat them.

This afternoon the team renowned as the stingiest defensive team in the league, Rochester, meets the team with the truly most solid defense, New York. This afternoon, the reigning USL Champions will look to face the team with the highest points per game in the league. This afternoon New York Red Bulls II will look extend their unbeaten streak to nine.

As New York Red Bulls II has taken the USL by storm this year, after a good but disjointed first season in the league, one last obstacle remains in their path. Bolstered in the back by the additions of Aaron Long, Zach Carroll, and Noah Powder, along with the hardened steel of the spine of Konrad Plewa, 'Speedy' Williams, and Dan Metzger, NYRBII has let up a league lowest eight goals while maintaining a strong attacking presence. They've turned weaknesses into strengths, unfamiliarity into fluidity, and mediocracy into superiority.

And yet they still have not been able to beat the Rochester Rhinos. The team that knocked NYRBII out of the playoffs on their way to the championship remains New York's boogieman.

If 'Speedy' Williams truly wants to show himself to be the top defensive midfielder in the USL, New York must win today. If Junior Flemmings truly wants to present himself as the most dynamic attack in the USL, New York must win today. If New York is going to truly announce itself as the team to beat in the USL, New York must win today.

The Rochester Rhinos are that last unconquered obstacle, and for New York Red Bulls II to be for real this year, New York must win today.


4:00 pm, Saturday, July 2nd.


Red Bulls Arena, Harrison, New Jersey. The World's City.

How to watch:

USL's youtube, or here.

Predicted starting XI's:

New York Red Bulls II-

Ryan MearaAaron Long, Damien Perrinelle, Zach Carroll, Konrad Plewa; 'Speedy' Williams, Dan Metzger, Derrick Etienne, Florian Valot, Junior Flemmings; Brandon Allen

Rochester Rhinos

Grinwis; Wal Fall, Apostolpoulos, Farrell, James; Ugarte, Totsch, Garzi, Forbes; Volesky, dos Santos

Predicted scoreline:

1-0 New York will grind out a win against defensive juggernaut thanks to a goal from Konrad P