Juventus game thoughts

I apologize for the lack of a preview. I didn't have much hope for the game and didn't want to sugar coat a preview with optimism. I've long subscribed to the school of thought that Euro soccer clubs, especially the top leagues, are a level above the teams in the MLS. When they announced the starting line up today and Mike Petke, Juan Pablo Angel, and Tim Ream were all benched, I had no expectations. You don't play against a European squad with rookies and reserves, it doesn't make sense. But that's what the Red Bulls did. They went head to head against Del Piero and Diego with Chinn and Tchani. Seriously, does this make sense to anyone? I got to the stadium after kick off (I had problems with my scan card, so I missed kick off) and seeing the line up was mind blowing. Then I saw how Mendes, Chinn, and Tchani were beating Juventus' starters and it started to make sense. Our rookies are very good and started the game to gain some international experience. It's why we have friendlies with Cruzeiro, Man City, and Tottenham. The team doesn't want to lose these players to overseas teams, so the best way to gain this experience is through friendlies.

Some quick thoughts about the game

- Connor Chinn had another great game. He's starting to come into his own an dI hope Hans decides to give him some MLS minutes. He's not the normal lanky soccer player and I think he can deal with how physical the game is in the MLS. He also just seems to get those great looks, I don't know how he finds himself in the right spot. He's only going to improve with more time on the field and with how stagnant the offense has been in the last two MLS games, some fresh blood may help our team out.

- Tchani looked very good again. He just is a great young player with a ton of potential. Hopefully he'll be able to reach it because he could be a difference maker on the field.

- The man of the match was Irving Garcia though. He did a fantastic job at right midfield and needs more playing time. Maybe have him start and have Richards come off the bench as a difference maker if we need him. Garcia just did an amazing job at handling the ball.

Maybe I'm not being clear, but our reserves did a better job at handling the ball than the starters in MLS play. Overall, the team played very well and hopefully they can use this to change the way the season has been going recently. We have a US Open cup match on Wednesday and a rival match with the New England Revolution on Saturday.

Finally, in regards to the Front Office/Box Office. If you have three sections of the stadium for the supporters of your team, why would you sell tickets to Juventus fans? The supporter sections do not have assigned seating, we just stand wherever we want and sing/cheer for our team. I was told several times that I was standing in someone's seat and this annoyed me because these people won't come back for another game so why is the front office catering towards them?

Please post your thoughts on the game as more perspective would be great!

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