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The Red Bulls HAVE NOT Signed A New Keeper

Word got out on Twitter today that Egyptian goalkeeper El-Hany Solimon, who had been training with the team as per the New York Post's Brian Lewis, had been signed to a contract. The move, if it proved to be true, would fulfill Hans Backe's wish that the team add a few more goalkeepers.

But much like the Renny Vega saga we saw over the winter, the source is of dubious legitimacy.

Unlike Vega's veiled attempts to get attention from the team, in this case, it's Solimon's brother "breaking news" of the deal to "Egyptian Footy" a Twitter account run by Adam Moustafa.

At any rate, the team has denied the signing and said they're focusing on adding attacking talent, rather than goalkeeping help.

UPDATE: Empire of Soccer tweets that the Red Bulls have been using two "unidentified, undisclosed" keepers in practice. No word on whether or not any of their relatives have reported their signing.