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Striker vs. Striker

Wondolowski scores at an impressive clip, too.
Wondolowski scores at an impressive clip, too.

Comparing Chris Wondolowski to Thierry Henry and his laundry list of individual accomplishments might seem a stretch, but when taken in the context of MLS, it's an apt comparison.

In raw offensive numbers, the two sit 1 and 2 in goals and 3 and 4 in shots and shots on goal. Henry is second in assists, more-often-than-not setting up Kenny Cooper (who's tied with Wondolowski for second in goals). The San Jose Earthquakes have 8 goals for, and Wondolowski has scored six, while the Red Bulls have netted 14, with Henry having a hand in 11. For those of you into this kind of thing, the Castrol Index ranks Henry and Wondolowski as the two players with the biggest impact in the league. The teams they play for both sit second in their conferences.

And it's not as if Wondolowski doesn't have an impressive resume himself. He was named to the MLS Best XI team the last two seasons and would've had two consecutive golden boots if it wasn't for a tiebreaker last year.

Now that Wilman Conde is out another week -- and possibly longer -- the conditions might be just right for Wondolowski to wreak havoc on the Red Bulls' end of the field. While the Quakes defense is stingy, Henry only lets his frustration drive him. Not to mention, the Red Bulls have the highest offensive output in the league.

These two are the engines by which their club's offenses run, and if the two keep up their play into Saturday, the offensive fireworks on the pitch might be more than enough to distract fans from the post-game fireworks.