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Is Luke Rodgers Finally Coming?

I've begun living my life by the mantra "What Would Luke Rodgers Do?"
I've begun living my life by the mantra "What Would Luke Rodgers Do?"

UPDATE (2:12 EDT): Luke Rodgers' visa application has been denied. Read more here.

Brian Lewis over at the New York Post is reporting that we should have closure on the Luke Rodgers situation today.


Hans Backe told the Post:

"I think you will have something, probably some kind of press release,’’ said Backe. When asked if the news was positive or negative, Backe just gave a Cheshire Cat grin, turned towards a P.R. staffer and "I don’t like to comment anything before (the release) has been sent out."

If you remember, Rodgers was supposed to have this all cleared up in the beginning of March, with a meeting at the U.S. Consulate in England. Instead it was a "positive ... step forward" according to the team. A few days later it came out, via Erik Soler, that Rodgers had done something -- stipulated as not a police matter -- that no one thought was a big deal until the State Department thought it was. It came out last week that his visa was being held up by Homeland Security, who we can always count on to keep their eyes on the ball, evidently.

Rodgers has been training with Aston Villa, so his fitness shouldn't be as big an issue as expected, if he comes. Though it does throw a monkey wrench in the team's tactics. Do they stick with Kenny Cooper and Theirry Henry up top, or bench the team's leader in goals for the fan-favorite? Does the team switch up tactics? Maybe drop Henry into the midfield and allow him to make plays there?