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Bulls Abroad: Miazga and US lose 1-0 to Panama

It'll be an uphill climb for the US from here on out.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The United States U-20 went into their match against Panama looking to curb an offense that put up 4 goals against Aruba. They did a decent job, but not good enough. Matt Miazga started for the second straight time on the US back line, and again played a full 90 minutes. Unlike the game against Guatemala though, Miazga had some blame on the play. He was responsible for keeping Panamanian forward Small onside and couldn't make up the ground to block the shot.

The US now sit 5th in Group A at 1 pt and -1 GD after two games, pending the result of the Jamaica-Guatemala match later today. In order to have a shot at the U-20 World Cup in May, the team will need to finish at least 3rd in the group to make the playoff stage. If they can finish top of the group, they will automatically qualify for the tournament in New Zeland.