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Lloyd Sam gets contract extension from New York Red Bulls

The Unstoppa-Bull is going to stick around for a while...

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The New York Red Bulls have signed Lloyd Sam to a contract extension.

We don't know the details (MLS rarely announces them) and a cynic might suggest the news is no better than RBNY re-reporting its pick-up of Lloyd Sam's option for next year. Such is the kind of jaded interpretation that is almost inevitable after the week inflicted upon fans by RBNY (and its league - we see you, MLS, nervously hoping no one asks too many questions about how much oversight you have over your teams). It is also unnecessary. If there are bizarre omissions and misrepresentations behind the announcement that RBNY has extended Lloyd Sam's contract, let us address them when they are revealed.

For now, on the last day of a generally bad week for this club and its supporters, let it be said that the blind squirrel of Harrison finally found a nut.

Locking down the future of the club's single-season record holder for competitive starts is an entirely sensible decision. Sam was a consistent threat on the wing last season, and it is to be hoped he is much the same for RBNY in 2015 - and beyond.

Congratulations, Lloyd. And congratulations RBNY front office: there is finally evidence you can do something right.