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Report: Peguy Luyindula's option renewed by New York Red Bulls

Word is Peguy will be back for another year...

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Peguy Luyindula has had his team option picked up by the New York Red Bulls, according to Kristian Dyer at

Since it is still not entirely clear what Jesse Marsch's energy drink tactics will actually look like on the pitch, and the first chapter of Ali Curtis's 300-page business plan is apparently just the words "Burn It All Down" written over and over again, we aren't entirely sure where this team is headed at the moment, personnel-wise.

There aren't nearly enough players on the current roster to constitute a balanced and competitive squad, so new faces can be guaranteed to arrive - but that was true before Mike Petke was fired and Robin Fraser fled. New coaches usually bring with them their own preferences, which generally means a few players being moved on.

It was fair to assume most of the players who were still on the roster by the start of January were going to be at the core of Mike Petke's squad for 2015. Now that Petke is gone - anything could happen.

So the suggestion Peguy is back for another year can be added to the news that Lloyd Sam and Ambroise Oyongo are sticking around in the file marked "comforting". Maybe they'll be traded next week or next month, maybe they'll be bench players, maybe they'll all be starters in a system that looks suspiciously similar to the one Petke and Fraser devised. Who knows? At least we know they are here for now. Such reassurance is required under current circumstances.

Luyindula in particular looked a likely casualty of the new regime. He is 35, a friend of the now-departed Thierry Henry, and definitely not earning enough ($90,000) for a player of his achievements (three consecutive Ligue 1 titles being foremost among them) to be expected to have a great deal of enthusiasm for a year with a club that has opted to start over. If he had decided to follow his friend Titi into retirement, one could not have blamed him.

The news that his option is being picked up suggests not only does he have some sort of future in Marsch's beverage-based tactical plan, but he has some sort of desire to keep playing under the new coach.

Encouraging. Whether he continues to be as important to RBNY as he was at the end of 2014 (and 2013 - end of the year seems to agree with Peguy) or not, his experience will be an asset to the development of the young midfielders on the roster (assuming they too stick around).