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Audi hops aboard the New York Red Bulls marketing partnership bandwagon

If you see a lot of luxury cars parked around RBA, this is likely the reason.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As described by, the New York Red Bulls have enjoyed a banner year for corporate partnerships. Over the course of the past season, the club has gained an official agricultural machinery partner, official marine partner and official diesel engine partner (all neatly contained in one partner, Yanmar). And a life science partner (Bayer), who apparently gives the team a good deal on seeds (you have to grow a lot of grass to run a good football club). And an exclusive education partner (Southern New Hampshire University) - which may become more significant if and when the team starts to deepen its already extensive player development programs.

Now, the club also has an official luxury vehicle: Audi has signed up to a partnership with RBNY. The relationship will bring some signs to Red Bull Arena and a new name for the club lounge, now designated the Audi Club. And, for somewhat opaque reasons, RBNY promises to litter the streets of Harrison with high-end cars:

As a point of onsite activation, Audi automobiles will be placed adjacent to Red Bull Arena for select match dates.

The most useful part of the deal to RBNY fans, however, is the official press release's suggestion that you will be able to snag free parking at RBA just for pulling up in an Audi. Sort of:

In addition, there will also be complimentary parking available for the 2015 season for Audi vehicles at participating lots subject to availability, terms and conditions.

That is a lot of caveats around a vague statement (which lots will be participating? Where can I bring my Audi for free parking?), and one hopes the participating lot isn't the treacherous gravel pit in front of the stadium that is turned into a parking lot on match days. Audi's aren't cheap to fix.

And, technically, "the 2015 season" at Red Bull Arena ends with the final home game of the regular season on October 18. So you may have one shot at free parking in Harrison if you happen to need to store an Audi for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. Or maybe the deal will be extended (and more coherently promoted) for the playoffs.

Still, this is further good news for what has been a profitable season for RBNY's commercial side. Back in March, NJBiz reported RBNY's revenue from corporate partnerships was already double that received in the corresponding time period in 2014. Since then, it would appear, things have only got better.