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New York Red Bulls launch last-minute ticketing app

At a loose end? RBNY has an app designed to help you make a late decision to go to the game.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of August, the New York Red Bulls announced a partnership with app-makers Experience. At the time, it seemed there wouldn't be much tangible evidence of the new relationship until next season. Not so. RBNY has announced "Red Bulls Pass", an application (well, more like an opt-in auto-texting service) that offers fans the chance to pick up tickets to a  home game at something close to the last minute.

Click on the link in that Tweet, and you are taken to a sign-up page managed by Experience. Throw down a name, email address and phone number, and you get a confirmation email that includes explanation of what will happen next:

Basically, you get a texted offer for tickets to the next home game. You can't buy more than six through the app. The price will be fixed, but the seat location won't be confirmed until game day. The basic details are here.