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Let's Play FIFA New York Red Bulls vs Houston Dynamo

Bobby C and Terms are back with another edition of Let's Play FIFA, the video series sensation that is sweeping the nation.

What's Let's Play FIFA? It's Once a Metro's video series where two guys simulate this week's match on FIFA 15 and have an informal chat about the issues surrounding the New York Red Bulls and the world of soccer at large.

This week the gruesome twosome discuss the Open Cup, the Cosmos, transfer rumors, the Cosmos, the FIFA scandal, the New York Red Bulls' injury issues, the Cosmos, and they even throw in a little NASL chat (mostly about the Cosmos).

Who did FIFA 15 determine to be the winner of this week's match? Why is Anthony so much better at FIFA than Bobby C? Why is Bobby C so afraid of spiders? Why are they even friends? Hopefully these questions will someday be answered, but until that beautiful day, click play and enjoy this video of two people playing a video game.