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Update: NYRB II's future stadium options just got reduced by one

Whatever NYRB II's future might hold, it isn't a future home at a well-positioned stadium in Newark.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that idea I had back in early February of this year? You all remember that pros & cons article I wrote about finding a home for the Red Bulls USL 2 side that should play at the minor league baseball stadium in Newark, NJ that once housed the defunct Newark Bears of the Can-AM league. Well sadly that idea you can officially scrap as there was news coming out of Newark.

From Dan Ivers of the city of Newark has sold Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium to the Lotus Equity Group of New York City for $23.5 Million Dollars which means there will be some changes to the area that is diagonally across from the Newark Broad Street Station.

The plans are to demolish the baseball stadium and put in a mixed-use, high rise tower for people to live in and to have businesses on the ground floor of the building. But of course it also means the end of an idea whether the Red Bulls were thinking of putting their USL side in there or not at an end.

It was a decent idea to assume that certain issues could be solved as this season the USL Bulls were going to play at Red Bull Arena in the first half, but after their home game on June 9th, majority of the second half of their season will have a TBD on the right side of their schedule.

So while we are waiting to see what Ali Curtis is going to do to fill those TBD in the location department for his USL side, it should be an interesting new USL season for this side as John Wolyniec has been preparing his squad for their second season in the United Soccer Leagues.

But hopefully the club can find that right fit to build a facility or to find a facility that suits the USL side and call it a home of their own, as that hunt is still going on for the RBNY 2 side.