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Aaaand the Draw Is...

Hans Backe's been talking a big game about the U.S. Open Cup as of late -- you know, that trophy he scuttled despite a near bye to the finals against the Seattle Sounders last year? -- and May 29 it's going to be gut check time at Red Bull Arena.

Last night the Premier Development League's Reading Untied A.C. defeated USASA side New York Greek-American Atlas 2-1 in Reading to advance to the next round against USL Pro's Charleston Battery. The winner of the Reading-Charleston match-up will face the Red Bulls.

The full bracket is here.

UPDATE: According to U.S. Soccer, If Reading wins, they'll travel to Red Bull Arena and the game will kickoff at 7. If Charleston wins, the Bulls will head to South Carolina for a 7:30 start. Regardless of who wins, the match will be on May 29.