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Why RBNY is right to stay quiet on Lampard

The PR department has the slow play down pat.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The internet (at least in MLS circles) has been ablaze talking about Frank Lampard and the situation between New York City FC and Manchester City this week. Regardless of where you fall on the situation, one thing is certain, the New York Red Bulls make out in this; and make out even more while they stay silent. It would be very easy for the Red Bulls, and some people have suggested it, to use the Lampard situation as a way to score some cheap marketing points in the New York media market. Staying silent is the best game plan for the Red Bulls.

The reason for this is very simple, the Red Bulls don't come off as petty. Months down the road, the Red Bulls can pull out the Lampard card, especially if the fallout from NYC FC fans continue. Doing that right now will make the team seem not like a team that made the Eastern Conference Final, but like a team that's starting and trying to find it's media presence by poking the bear. The Red Bulls should go about quietly building towards the 2015 season like they have been.

New York City FC will be playing damage control for the rest of the off-season, if not for the whole season. They'll have to repair an image that they are already Chivas USA 2.0 while trying to come out of the gate strong. The smart play is to let NYC FC deal with it and go about improving on last year.

That first time (if ever) that Lampard starts for NYC FC in Red Bull Arena, go nuts; but not any earlier.