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MLS, Red Bull Salzburg to attend training summit

They're going to learn how to make better players.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer, the Chicago Fire, Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders FC, and New York Red Bull sister team Red Bull Salzburg will be attending the Aspire Academy Global Summit in Berlin.

So what is this exactly? It's a summit where teams & organization come to together to share information and improve global training standards for all players. From the Asipre in the World Fellows website, the organization:

Develop a network to gather and synergize knowhow from the best worldwide experts, setting up recommendations for youth football players’ management and modern training, to enhance their psycho-physical performance.

While the Red Bulls are not directly participating, the fact that MLS and Red Bull Salzburg is could mean improvements to how the team trains and handles injuries. Sessions for this year include: Training Plan Strategies, Match and Training Recovery, Integration Training Methodology, and Soft Tissues Injury Prevention.