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KickTV starts RBNY video series with "We Are: The South Ward"

4 videos focusing on RBNY? Yes please.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

KickTV is releasing a 4 part video series over the course of the next week focusing on the New York Red Bulls and their fans. As part of the series, the first video that will be released in full tomorrow is We Are: The South Ward. You can see the preview posted on their Twitter account below.

The series include 3 more videos between tomorrow and November 26th.

- A profile of Red Bull head coach Jesse Marsch (Friday, Nov. 20)

-A motion-graphics piece explaining the Red Bulls' three supporter groups (Tuesday Nov. 24)

-A crowd-sourced video essay featuring photos of Metrostars and Red Bull fans at Giants Stadium (Thursday, Nov. 26)

Here's a description of the video series from KickTV.

As one of the oldest teams in Major League Soccer, New York Red Bull have endured it all: struggles in the early days of a new league, a major rebrand, several floundering seasons, and now, competition from a new team across town. But through it all, supporters have remained passionate and vocal about wanting the best for their club. That passion reached a breaking point this offseason after a controversial staff overhaul polarized fans and caused a major uproar. But out of that controversy came a new manager, a new style, and a renewed spirit and excitement around the team, which is in position to win its first MLS Cup ever.

We Are: South Ward tells the story of the passion of New York Red Bull's fan base, specifically, it's supporters groups, collectively known as the South Ward, the reaction to a controversial coaching decision before the start of this season, and the push for its first MLS Cup ever. It features interviews with head coach Jesse Marsch, captain Dax McCarty and members of all three Red Bull supporters groups, including the Garden State Ultras, who have historically refused media access. It is also supported by several pieces of shoulder content that further explore Red Bull fan identity, history and legacy.