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#RafaWatch: Day 2 Is Just Chatter

Yak, yak, yak. yaking.

Mike Stobe

After news surfaced yesterday that Rafael Marquez is/was/could be on the move to Liga MX side Leon, Tuesday yielded...more talking.

At the New York Times' Goal Blog, Jack Bell cites a report from, that suggests a deal has been floated, but nothing concrete yet...

"Yes there are talks, but no details pending," Arturo Elias Ayub, (Carlos) Slim's son and the director of Strategic Alliances, America Movil, which owns 30 percent of the club, told the in Tuesday's editions. "It may be (hiring Marquez) from today (yesterday) and tomorrow (today), I think so."

Then, this afternoon, this report that puts Marquez in Mexico City to finalize the deal.

It's still reported to be a two-year contract. Ayub is identified in the story as Slim's "chief aide" and the man working to broker the deal.

Again, the biggest news is the team's second consecutive no comment, as cited in the Times' story.

No actual deal today though, which, with Ayub's reported timeline, is a bit concerning. It's important to remember he's only got a minority share of the team, so while his comments are positive, there seems to still a ways to go from Leon's end. But, hey, at least he didn't back off the rumors.

Now if we could only get a no comment out of the other 70 percent of Leon...