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The Marquez Delusion: Reports Have Marquez Leaving New York...Again

Rafa Marquez is on the move! Again!

Nick Laham

Andy Roxburgh and Gerard Houllier have been on quite the roll lately, picking up players left and right and flipping Sebastien Le Toux for allocation money and a young striker, so I'll forgive everyone for getting really excited about this afternoon's rumors that send Red Bulls' public enemy #1 to Rafael Marquez to Leon.

The rumor was reported by Mexican outlets TeleDiario and La Copa, before being picked up by ESPN Deportes. The news even made it's way to, lending the rumor even more legitimacy.

But let's back off for a second, if only for a quick review of the transfer speculation involving Marquez, who's overstayed his welcome by about two years. Earlier this year he was connected to Chivas USA. Twice. Once by ESPN Deportes, the outlet that reported one of those departures (and it wasn't the first time those rumors made their way to the league's official site, either). The second time was in exchange for Heath Pearce, an honor that ended up going to Juan Agudelo.

And let's not forget the mass Twitter delusion that came with the last Marquez Out rumor, this one to the Columbus Crew, reported by Raza Deportiva, a radio show on ESPN Deportes Radio.

Then again, these rumors seem a bit more...definite. They made their way to the ESPN Deportes website instead of being bandied about on social media. It's reported he's signed a two year deal with the Mexican club, far more detail than we've ever had before. And, of course, the most telling part is that the Red Bulls had "no comment" on the matter when asked by and Soccer By Ives contributor Franco Panzio. So maybe the deal is going down.

So feel free to go back to delusion...