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Report: Nemanja Vidic's agent just killed the DC United rumor

Two weeks is a pretty good run for a transfer rumor. But Silvano Martina has stepped in to spoil the speculative fun.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill has been making hay in the bright sunshine provided by the thought of Nemanja Vidic moving from Internazionale to MLS, specifically D.C. United. Once A Metro idly speculated on the subject a while back, but our modest suggestion was simply that if Vidic were thinking of a move to MLS it might be best to start by looking at DC, since Erick Thohir has ownership stakes in both the MLS team and Inter.

If only we'd waited a few days, because much more confident rumors proliferated quickly. So much so that our colleagues at Black and Red United - SB Nation's DCU specialists - were moved to comment: "Nemanja Vidic to D.C. United rumors exist, and also crazy."

But the rumor mill is not so easily deterred. Vidic-to-DCU stories were still being written as October dawned.

Eventually, someone has to get around to finding a real person with actual knowledge of the situation to make a comment. went straight to a reliable source, Vidic's agent, Silvano Martina, and got a very straightforward response:

DC United? There is nothing true. If someone writes certain things I do not understand how we can go after certain items. Nothing exists with this company.

Vindication for Black and Red United. Shame on the rest of us rumor-mongers.