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Caption This: Dax McCarty and David Villa hug it out

What do you want this picture to be?

We asked you to caption the image below from the New York Red Bulls 2-0 victory over New York City FC last night. Below are some of the best responses we have received from Twitter and Facebook.

Cpation This 2015-08-09

Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

From Twitter

From Facebook


David: *Sigh* I can't believe I gave up Atlético Madrid for this. I was on a squad that gave Real and Barca a run for their money.

Dax: It's okay, bro. Even footballers get swept up by the hype. Tell ya what, I'll try to put in a good word for you here. I'm not making promises, but if you want to win again, drop by our side of the river, okay.


Great game. We Won!

And the winner is:

What captions do you have for the warm embrace between Dax McCarty and David Villa? Let us know in the comments, and look out for more Caption This contests on Twitter and Facebook.