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Kreis, Third Rail, Jesse Marsch to receive gifts after Hudson River Derby

The New York Red Bulls swept NYCFC. Some fans want to let the right people know. Again.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kreis, the Third Rail, and Jesse Marsch should check their mailboxes this week.

Once a Metro has learned, all three will be receiving a personal red broom courtesy of the Empire Supporters Club after the New York Red Bulls won their third straight game over New York City FC on Aug. 9.

Steven Ferrezza, a board member for ESC, was the mastermind behind the packages, with help from members of ESC.

the infamous broom

the infamous broom

"I saw a few people post pictures of brooms on Twitter after the game and thought ‘How funny would it be to send one to Jason Kreis?’" Ferrezza said to OaM.

"Then someone suggested we send one to the Third Rail as well. So I ordered another. Rob Hak (former ESC board member) found an address for them, and also suggested we send one to Jesse as a thank you."

Fans of the Red Bulls are certainly grateful after the team managed to take all 9 points from the three meetings between the sides this season. The Red Bulls outscored expansion side NYCFC 7-2 over the three matches.

Given NYCFC’s home location, the team is certainly familiar with the concept of a three game sweep.

"When I told the rest of the board, they loved it, and membership loved the idea," Ferrezza added.

"A few members have pledged to help cover the cost."

Once a Metro hopes that Jason Kreis understands the nature of the broom, a bit better than he understood the Red Bulls’ comments after the second meeting between the teams at Yankee Stadium.