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Once A Metro Productions presents: Red Bulls Family Matters

We're all Wright-Phillips now.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls on-field family now includes an actual family: Bradley and Shaun Wright Phillips. It took 13 minutes for the brothers-in-arms-and-actual-fact to connect for their first tangible success as RBNY players: the winning goal against Philadelphia Union.

Shaun set it up, Bradley knocked it in: the brothers shared an on-field hug that we hope to see many times again this season, and for as long as they remain together on the roster.

The memory of that hug seems to have lingered a little longer than most RBNY goal celebrations. Maybe because SWP had such an explosive and decisive debut: he effectively created two goals in less than 15 minutes, after entering the game in the 61st minute. Maybe because of the match situation: the Red Bulls seemed destined to lose, then SWP drew a penalty and they were winning; then Philly equalized and it seemed like we'd lose again; then SWP found BWP who found the net, and one sensed RBNY wasn't going to be denied a victory. Not this time.

When your team scores a goal like that, it isn't just the players who celebrate, it's the entire fan base: in the stadium, in bars, in living rooms. And for a few seconds, when SWP jumped into BWP's arms to celebrate, it wasn't just two Wright-Phillips celebrating on the pitch: we were all Wright-Phillips.

Long may that feeling continue.