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Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em Week 27: Get Ready for the Build

Another bye, but some big games coming. Prep yourself

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Roster change deadline: Saturday September 5, 7:30pm ET

Amount of Free Transfers this week: UNLIMITED

The New York Red Bulls will be on bye during Week 27, after losing to the Chicago Fire 3-2 and defeating D.C. United 3-0.  So you'll want to get all of your Red Bulls players on the bench.  This is one of the five unlimited transfer weeks.  Normally I would tell you to bag all your RBNY players, but they have a double in Week 29, so you'll want to keep them around.

Week 29 is a rare one.  Not only are the Red Bulls one of six teams with a double game week... Montreal actually has a TRIPLE.  So in preparation of Week 29, keep at least one or two Red Bulls around now, since you'll want to maximize your Montreal players in two weeks.  You won't have enough free transfers over the next two weeks if you bag everyone now.

Enjoy the bye week; enjoy the two games from the USMNT on Friday and Monday.  The Red Bulls' next match is in Week 28 against Chicago. This time, it's at home.

Buy 'Em

  • Players on New England, Orlando, Montreal, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, San Jose, Philadelphia, Columbus and Dallas (all have one game)

Bag 'Em

  • Players on Colorado, DC, Houston, LA, NYCFC, RBNY, Portland, RSL, SKC and Vancouver (all on bye)