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The Pope is in Town

Rumors had it that the Pope likes his soccer, and was heading our way.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The Holy Father is in New York to do some meet and greets, some church things and for a while we thought he was going to join us at the Arena as the New York Red Bulls take on Orlando.

Pope's Prelim Schedule

Unfortunately we found this to be a joke

Yet a joke that caused a stir for a bit! All the buzz was around the Pope coming to the Arena, and the supporters were to shower him with chants, as per usual from the superstitious bunch that are found at RBA. Not only that, but the ever-beautiful "DC United went to Rome to see the Pope" got all new variations. Yet, there was a hiccup in the praise as DC tried to take it in stride. They went down a path they hardly go at all, lest it was regarding their last game's result: humor. They gifted the Pope the following:

At this point you would figure the Pope asked: "Who the fuck's DC United?"

At this point you would figure the Pope asked: "Who the fuck's DC United?"

Ha. What a lame response to our song. It's particularly lame because i'm sure they didn't even send it to the Pope! We all know that even His Holiness would think this was a rag used to clean up after the raccoons knocked over all the trash in RFK.

We all also know that The Pope is a massive San Lorenzo fan. And the team just recently picked up a San Lorenzo player, Gonzalo Veron, so naturally he would come to see a former player of his favorite team. 

Looks like the kind of Pope that would listen to Black Sabbath (truth), and be a pretty passionate fan.But we concede Mass at MSG is perhaps more important to His Holiness at this moment.

Until the day comes when the Pope does visit Red Bull Arena, we'll all have to do with our imagination (and good photoshop):

Credits to Mame

Credit to Mame