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Gonzalo Pineda wins MLS Sounders' Goal of the Week

We were starting to worry that Seattle fans might have lost interest in their GotW competition.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The official MLS Sounders Goal of the Week competition, an online vote for supporters of the Seattle Sounders, was won by the Sounders' Gonzalo Pineda, who scored a goal against Vancouver Whitecaps that was seen by a great many Sounders fans.

Pineda won 42.93% of votes cast, triumphing over MLS's controversial decision to include goals scored by non-Sounders in the online poll.

Nonetheless, despite the presence on the ballot of goals such as this one, by Mike Grella...

...and this one from Felipe Martins...

...natural justice was served. Sounders fans were not fooled by the league's mischievous effort to undermine the intentions of an award designated exclusively for Sounders. They fearlessly plumped for Pineda, a Seattle Sounder, winning him the Sounders Goal of the Week vote.

This is just the seventh occasion this season that a Sounder has won GotW. The relatively low proportion of goals by Sounders to win the competition established specifically for Sounders has raised concerns for its future. Fortunately, this week, Seattle fans managed to overcome their natural apathy and indifference to online votes. The competition may yet survive until the end of the season, buoyed by this renewed show of affection from its fickle and elusive audience.