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Here's how MLS could improve Decision Day TV coverage

We can build it, we have the technology.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Decision Day 2015 was a smart move by MLS. Put games on at the same time to ensure competitive balance and capture the drama. However, it could be so much better. How? Have all games start at the same time.

This year, MLS staggered the Western and Eastern Conferences so they would have 2 blocks of games. Presumably, the schedule makers thought that the shield would not be contested between conferences on the final weekend. Because that was exactly the case this year though, they had to move the New York Red Bulls - Chicago Fire match to coincide with the FC Dallas match to ensure that the integrity of the Shield was accounted for. The same start time for the every game in the league would resolve this issue.

Additionally, you probably could sell the big TV guys on producing a whip around show for the final day. ESPN doesn't carry much in terms of "major" sports on October Sundays. Tell them they can have a full game on ESPN, and a studio whip around on ESPN2. It'd be a win-win for fans. Those still in the playoff race can watch their individual teams. They can then use the whip around to see what's happening elsewhere without relying on the broadcast they are watching (which usually has to fit it in somewhere after you learn it already) or multiple screens of the games that matter. On top of that, how much better would the pre and post shows that MLS produced ths year be?

By moving to a single start time on the last day, you immediately increase the drama in a two hour period while still maintaining (and enhancing) competitive fairness.

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