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Red Bulls fans start campaign to send families to the playoffs

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Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the New York Red Bulls clinched the Supporters' Shield, giving them the first seed in the Eastern Conference and a bye. Their first home game in the playoffs will be on November 8th, and a group of Red Bull fans want to make sure everyone can enjoy the show. The GoFundMe page has a very simple headline, "Send 200 kids to Red Bull Playoffs!"

According to the GoFundMe page, the idea was born out of a Facebook discussion group. The premise is simple, not everyone can afford to go to the playoff games, so help them out and give some kids and their families an experience.

As of now, the page has raised over $1,700 to help send families to a game. The organizers have already secured 43 tickets and are looking to buy a total of 217 tickets. You can help support by donating via the group's GoFundMe page.