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Thierry Henry says he’d have no problem with gay teammates

The former RBNY man sat down with Sky News and had some interesting comments.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Thierry Henry is a legend. I don't think anyone can deny that, the dude has won a lot of stuff over the years, and is one of the best players of his generation. So when he talks about soccer, it's something worth listening to. That holds true for some comments he made in an interview with Sky News recently when it comes to topic of gay soccer players like Robbie Rogers.

For me, it is not a problem, but making it a problem becomes a problem.

That is the key quote right at the beginning. Henry was talking about when the aforementioned Rogers came out as gay, and his return to MLS. His issue isn't with Rogers (or any player) being gay, it's with the fans and media that make it a bigger deal.

I can play with you, it's not a problem, we're ultimately there to do a job. Whatever you believe in, whatever you do, it's not my problem, it's your prerogative. ... I can't talk for everyone, but if I was in the dressing room, that guy would still be my teammate, I would still give him the ball, I would still see him the same way.

Henry is of course retired, so he won't be playing along side of any gay players moving forward, but he is still involved as an academy coach for Arsenal and is a commentator for the sport.