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Henry's Ghost: The quest for a sweep

The legend is back to lend a helping hand.

It's been a while since we have seen the ghost of Thierry Henry around the New York Red Bulls. No one knows why he does the things he does, but we just have to accept what he does, and it seems like he came back to help the Red Bulls against New York City FC. Our crack Ghost Hunting Department has uncovered more evidence of Henry helping the team, this time on Bradley wright-Phillips' 21st minute goal.

henry ghost nycfc

What was his motivation this week? Could it be a sweep of NYC FC? Does he want to mess with David Villa or Frank Lampard? Could it be that after Arsenal lost 2-0 in their opening match of the 2014/15 EPL season, that he just wanted a win? We don't know, but whatever the reason, we're glad he's on our side.

How thankfully are you for Henry's Ghost? Do you wish he was around every game? Let us know in the comments.