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Chris Duvall wins OaM's New York Red Bulls' Goal of the Month competition for June 2015

The people have spoken. Well, they have clicked.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't even close. Chris Duvall's first goal for the New York Red Bulls - RBNY's match-winner on its first trip to Yankee Stadium - scooped up 83% of votes cast to run away with OaM's Goal of the Month of June vote (held largely in September

What's that? Yes, there weren't actually many votes cast, but that is often the way of landslide victories in elections. If the winner is obvious and agreed upon, who needs one more vote thrown on the pile? Such was the clear and manifest destiny of Duvall's victory in the June edition of RBNY Goal of the Month, it only required a few to make it so. The rest watched in silent consent and admiration.

It was a very good goal.

Duvall is thought to be out of action for the rest of the season after suffering a broken leg due to the ineptitude of a New York Cosmo. But he continues to support his team from the sidelines.

And whether he plays again in 2015 or not, he is responsible for one of the more memorable RBNY moments of this year - now confirmed as the OaM New York Red Bulls' Goal of the Month for June.

Thank you and congratulations, Chris. All the best with your recovery.

OaM RBNY Goal of the Month Winners

March 2015: Mike Grella - @ Columbus Crew, March 28

April 2015: Shawn McLaws - vs. Toronto FC II, April 4

May 2015: Derrick Etienne - @ Richmond Kickers, May 30

June 2015: Chris Duvall - @ NYC FC, June 28